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The Best Places In The US For Ecotourism


Alaska is a rather mixed bag when it comes to environmentalism. Undoubtedly a rather beautiful state with over 100 national and state parks, it also allows oil drilling in some of its most precious and scenic areas. That being said, Eco Lodges that are run entirely on alternative energy sources are readily available for many visitors.

The Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge is a perfect example of this with many more moving in that direction so that tourists can come to spot the dozens of threatened or endangered species that call Alaska home and no that they aren’t contributing to the destruction of their habitat.


It is perhaps no surprise that Hawaii is a state that is known for practicing sustainability since it has been doing it for millennia with the locals holding fast to the notion of  malama aina, meaning to care for the land and this means that it finds it much easier to undertake ecotourism activities that don’t harm the environment around them.

Eco-lodges are aplenty and places like the Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park explaining their ancient and modern eco practices, the scenery is lush and will hopefully remain so for many more years to come with these practices in place.



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