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7 Shower Tricks to Keep Your Hair Healthy


Do you always have a bad day when you shower? I just cannot get those long braids to lie down, right? Well, if your hair gets crazy or gets complicated, this post is exactly what you need to read. Here, let’s talk about some tips on how to shower to keep your hair thick and shiny. Excited? You should be! Find out about some cool shower hacks to get that glossy and shiny hair. Listed below are some tips that will help you get that beautiful mane in no time! Hair shower tricks for healthy hair:

1Shampoo the right way

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In general, people use most of the shampoo in their hair length in general. However, experts say that the shampoo on the scalp, roots, and nape is more effective since these are the places where dirt tends to accumulate. Avoid using too much shampoo at the ends, as it may cause dryness.



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