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5 Clever Makeup Tricks To Hide Your Double Chin


Having a double chin can be one big embarrassment, right? If you feel your levels of self-esteem and self-confidence plummeting due to your double chin, then it’s high time you did something about it. Because the longer you tend to ignore the issue, the more you will get upset and embarrassed.

So are you wondering what can you do to get rid of that double chin without having to spend so much money with expensive treatments? Then you should read this post! Here we have come up with five amazingly simple and creative ways on how to hide your double chin with makeup!

1Dress Smart

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You may wonder how your dress can decide what your chin looks like. But the fact is, what you wear can make a lot of difference. In this case, avoid drawing attention towards your double chin. Let people notice your neckline, collarbones or even your throat. How do you do that? By wearing scoop neck tops.

A scoop neck top gives a wide view of your throat and collarbones. Plus, it is stylish and can be teamed up with a formal pair of trousers



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