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11 Signs You’re A Perfectionist (And That’s Not Good)


There are too many people whose perfectionism gets in the way of them living a happy, fulfilled life. That’s half the problem, though. Because, other than those people, there are also way too many people whose lives are made unreasonably difficult by the perfectionists surrounding them. There are few things worse than a perfectionist boss (who doesn’t know it) or a perfectionist parent. Here are 11 signs somebody (maybe even you) might be a perfectionist.

1You know you have high standards

Being honest with yourself is half the battle. If you know you have insanely high standards, you’re half way to understanding that you might be a perfectionist. Having trouble finding friends? Having trouble finding people to start a relationship with because there seems to be something wrong with everyone around you? Take a quick minute to check if maybe your standards are too high.



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