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10 cute things a wife can do to make her husband happy

how to make ur husband happy

It doesn’t take much time or effort to see that our culture is pessimistic about marriage. A happy marriage seems more like a fairy tale that Pollyanna dreamed up fifty years ago. Many of today’s wives are complaining left and right about their husbands’ many shortcomings. So for what reason should a wife make her husband cheerful when he’s not making her cheerful? prepare to have your mind blown. I can verify that when you regard your husband and work on making him happy, he will turn around and pour that affection back onto you. Ready to get started? Here are the Ten (10) ways to make your husband happy:

1Show respect

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Make sure your husband knows that he is your number one. Even if you don’t feel like he is always respectful to you. Don’t degrade him in front of his family or friends. Always be respectful of how he feels about something even if you might not agree.



  1. Is this some sort of joke??!!! this is the most archaic piece of ‘journalism’ that I’ve seen in a while!!!!!!!! If you feel this way, don’t get married! And that’s from one married women to you!


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